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Greetings! I am Dilawar Javaid, an astute full-stack engineer, web designer, software developer, product and project overseer, digital marketing maestro, and data science aficionado.

As the visionary CEO of a trailblazing full-stack AI development enterprise, my professional odyssey in the technological realm is underscored by an unwavering dedication to pioneering innovation and achieving excellence.

My academic voyage commenced at the esteemed University of Toronto, where I was conferred with a degree in Neuroscience, laying the groundwork for an analytical and inquisitive mindset. This intellectual foundation was further augmented by an immersive foray into Data Analytics, where I acquired mastery over Python, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Driven by a fervent zeal for data’s transformative potential, I ventured into the entrepreneurial domain, inaugurating my own venture focused on bespoke WordPress website customization, subsequently extending my prowess to encompass Duda, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Webflow, among other CMS platforms.



Explore our diverse portfolio showcasing our expertise, achievements, and the projects that define our commitment to excellence.

{ USA Daily Digest }

// Successfully conceived, designed, and developed USA Daily Digest—an innovative news platform delivering real-time updates and in-depth analyses. Leveraging my skills in web development and content curation, the site stands as a testament to my commitment to providing a reliable source for current events:

{ Visit Paris }

// As the creator of Visit Paris, I brought the enchantment of the City of Lights to life through intuitive design and engaging content. Navigating the intersection of technology and wanderlust, this website seamlessly guides visitors through the magic of Paris, reflecting my passion for crafting immersive online travel experiences;

{ Irooze }

// Proudly designed and developed Irooze, the comprehensive divorce app tailored for parents navigating separation. This user-friendly platform reflects my commitment to simplifying complex processes, offering a supportive resource for individuals embarking on the next chapter of their lives.;

{ Unisonlangley }

// Designed an interactive community map for my residential development project on a Duda website. The Website needed to be designed and embedded onto Duda through the widget/code application;

Second Opinion
{ Second Radiology }

// I had the privilege of developing a comprehensive website for Second Radiology, a platform dedicated to providing second opinions on CT and MRI scans for Canadian patients. The website is hosted at Second Radiology;

{ Dealszone}

// As the proud developer of DealsZone, I've crafted a dynamic and user-centric e-commerce platform. Navigating the intersection of cutting-edge technology and seamless design, this website offers a curated shopping experience, bringing unparalleled deals and a diverse product range to the fingertips of online shoppers.;

{ Bucksaw Creative }

// A cutting-edge online marketing platform crafted by me, specializing in tailored solutions for home contractors and remodeling businesses. With my expertise in web development, I've built a dynamic website that empowers contractors to showcase their services and reach their target audience effectively:

{ Chitinor }

// Proudly developed by me, this website represents The Seagarden Group's commitment to providing 100% natural marine products sourced from the Atlantic Ocean to global markets. With expertise in web development, I've crafted a platform showcasing Chitinor AS's innovative extraction and processing techniques, empowering industries with premium bio-actives;



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Feel free to reach out to us at technetsolutionca@gmail.com for any inquiries or assistance. We're here to help!